Sporting a BMW motorbike when ever he can gives him the rush of new technology. Long gone are the days of having to ride a horse. See portal pic for physical description.

Due to an extremely long torpor sleep he awoke with new vigor and called upon every last boon that was owed to him to try and re-establish himself a place in undead society


Sired 725 A.D.
Muad’Dib the name for a constellation of stars also known as a nickname “the desert rat”. Sire unknown so he decided to stick with his birth name Muad’Dib. Muad’Dib’s mortal life had him playing aid to a commander during Persia’s invasion into current day Spain. This did not keep him out of the fighting as he learned to become quite proficient with bladed weapons. Thinking back he can only guess as to the reasons why he might have been selected to become one of the undead. His manipulation of people and situations as aid to his commander to get results was his strongest suit. After becoming undead learning manipulation was a very potent weapon to stay alive with. After aggressively climbing the ranks of undead society he took a gamble on a position and later realized he bit off more than he can chew. This was to forever be a stain on his existence and he personally has issues with gambling to this day.


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