Santa Cruz, California-October 17, 1989

The Loma Prieta earthquake shook the greater part of Northern California and awoke beings long thought gone from our world. Carens of great power sprung up in the national parks surrounding the city, and began to draw in Garou in numbers never before seen. Magi, always seeking raw magical power arrived in small numbers, assessing the situation.

As tensions flared between the Garou, Mages, and Camarilla Kindred already in Santa Cruz, the Sabbat and Anarchs realized that Santa Cruz was the perfect staging ground for an intrusion into Camarilla held cities to the North. Eventually, reinforcements were sent by all sides.

Ten years later,
Santa Cruz is a powder keg waiting to be ignited. The Garou, seeking to protect their sacred places, have begun to actively hunt and kill Kindred in the city. The Sabbat makes nearly weekly raids into Santa Cruz, pushing the bounds of the Masqurade, and the Anarchs have begun to gain a foot hold in the city.

Now, as the eyes of the Justicars look upon Santa Cruz as a barricade, a series of new and unknown threats have begun to pop up. Hooked handed serial killers, children being found half eaten, and local talk of a group of satanic cultists performing human sacrifices upon the cliffs over looking the Ocean, have all lead to unwanted, and unneeded attention.

You have been sent to solve the cities problems, or you have come to make a name for yourself. Regardless of your reasons, you will quickly come to understand, Santa Cruz is unlike any other city in the World of Darkness

The Camarilla calls it the Borderland. A city too small to be of any real value that has slowly, over the years, become the most contested and sought after chunk of land in the world of darkness.

Hope you survive

Santa Cruz By Night

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